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Press Release - Tobii - Speaker on Shopper Marketing 2012 - Enhancing visibility for shoppers as the driver of new packaging: Tobii reveals 3D label real life example
Publikováno 22.8.2012

Prague, [22.8.2012] At the Retail in Detail Shopper Marketing Conference on September 26 in Prague, Tobii Technology presents a shopper research case study about better visibility of products in stores based on a real life example. Speakers are: Fredrik Blomquist, CEO at Rolling Optics a developer of 3D visual materials and Jürgen Bluhm, Area Manager Market Research Central Europe at Tobii Technology, the global leader in eye tracking and gaze interaction. Package design is constantly evolving and being modified to gain the attention of shoppers. The study used eye tracking to compare different premium shampoo bottle labels with each other. By examining shoppers’ viewing patterns, both qualitatively and quantitatively, a 3D label producer could establish a correlation between the use of their labels and a 90% increase in sales. The study was driven by Rolling Optics and it was conducted by Tobii Technology. It took place in a hair care store. Tobii Glasses, a mobile eye tracking system, were used to collect eye movement data from shoppers looking at shampoo bottles on a real store shelf. Instead of simulating a store shelf, this allowed for a more natural experience similar to one experienced when shopping.


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